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Xeno Unban Req (2nd One)
Steam ID:
Sourcebans or CTban:
Which Server (e.g JB1): 
not sure
Reason for the ban:
Banning admin: 
Why should you be unbanned: 

After the period that I have been banned from, I have felt that I have learned what I have done wrong, I am eternally sorry for the inconvenience/trouble I caused to the people who got masssied, due to it now being the holidays I feel that I will be on the server a lot more than I am currently and playing ct is a fun role, it would be nice to have the privilege to play the role of ct again, I understand that playing ct is a privilege and not a right, and that what I did to get banned was wrong.

Kind regards, Xeno
Hello xeno, I am happy to reduce your ban. Considering the many months between your CTbans and your good behaviour you will be unbanned tomorrow.

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