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un ct ban mike ock
Name: mike

Steam ID: mike ock

Sourcebans or CTban: CTban

Which Server (e.g JB1): jb1

Reason for the ban: duplicate account

Banning admin: panel 

why you should be unbanned: i seriously am getting annoyed with the state of the admins they are complete duds. firstly i would like to know the account that i supposedly used to duplicate. I don't think its fair that I'm being ct banned for no reason.

thank you mike ock
I'm seriously annoyed with the state of players who break rules and act like they didn't. Stop making forum posts. If you think you are innocent and can prove it feel free to pm me on discord. Also I told you to re-apply in no less than a MONTH. So this request is being denied. My discord is Anthonyy#5473


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