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un ct ban mike ock
Name: mike

Steam ID: mike ock

Sourcebans or CTban: CTban

Which Server (e.g JB1): jb1

Reason for the ban: duplicate account

Banning admin: panel 

Why should you be unbanned: There is a few reason i think i should be unbanned, firstly the ban says that i had a duplicate account, this however is not true,
because i do not have another account. in addition to the duplicate, he states that i have was avoiding a ct-ban, which is not true. I received a CT-ban then did not play that sever for over 3 days, this is because i much more enjoy being a ct than a t. 
i hope you can understand where I"m coming from when i say i did nothing wrong.

Thank you mike ock
Closed due to dupe threads, refer to other one

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