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Ok kind of too lazy to keep making new accounts to play now.
Steam ID:
Sourcebans or CTban:
Was a 1 week silence but now its permanent
Which Server (e.g JB1): 
Reason for the ban:
Accidental map secret reveal
Banning admin: 
Why should you be unbanned: 
I ban evaded at least three times and had to pay like $50 for a vpn and at this point I am just getting banned over and over again, I would prefer to stop making accounts and think of a new way to settle the matter like shrinking my ban to 1-3 months or something???? 
would prefer the ban shrink if possible.
You had a mute, and you ban evade to get around just a mute. The mute had already been reduced to a day upon further talks with admins so would have been pretty close to expiring when I stepped in with the ban hammer.
Learn to just take the punishment and or appeal in the normal ways in future

I will set your ban to expire tomorrow out of pure good faith, however if you do act up in the month, don't be surprised if you're handed harsher penalties.


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