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Unban Request
Serenity/Gucci Ghost
Steam ID:
Sourcebans or CTban:
Permanent ban
Which Server (e.g JB1): 
Both servers
Reason for the ban:
Ban evading, Phishing link, Dossing an admin, injecting mid game and threatening to ddos
Banning admin: 
Why should you be unbanned: 

So I dont have to make account every time I want to play

+rep should be unbanned
Hello Serenity, please tag an operator on discord to discuss this. If you are banned form discord please provide your discord profile name and number
UH banned on discord
please add me on discord

Hello serenity, unfortunately your ban has been denied due to your lack of understand and your lack of remorse towards your actions. Go so far as to threaten to keep ban evading if not unbanned.

Please dont reapply in no less than one month, and if you ban evade during that time you can forget it.


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