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Ct unban
Can i please get ct unban. i already know what's the mistakes that i did, being fool on the ct, just freekilling the prisoners, so please unban ct me and i will never do the mistakes again
Hey Styropz.

If you wish to receive an unban you need to follow the template.

preb lord
You asked me to take a look at it, You need to fill out the template, show some kind of understanding of what you have done and that you won't do it again.

Spamming over mic and text asking random mods and admins to unban you, Is not going to help you.
[Image: TlynPA5.gif][Image: TlynPA5.gif]
Hello once again Styropz.

As what chewbaker said. You have been spamming your mic over and over again to try and get our attention, which you have. I've told you countless times you may make a new thread on this and copy paste the unban appeal template and fill in the details. So, with that being said. Make a new thread, copy paste the template and fill in the details.

preb lord

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