Domination Servers
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Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:232648305

Sourcebans or CTban: CTban

Which Server (e.g JB1): jailbreak domination server #2

Reason for the ban: "vent camping"?

Banning admin: teajae

Why should you be unbanned: i was not vent camping i went afk and then i came back and i heard the vents breaking so i turned and tried to shoot them?

btw the name is just (ERROR) with no emoji

and is that the steam id you looking for
Hi error, 
It would be very appreciative if next time you are 100% truthful in your unban appeal. 
In this video, , you are clearly seen shooting at the vent, knifing it and scoping in on it waiting for t's to pop out. 
Next time, please make sure you have read the rules at and follow them.   

[Image: wb_transparent.png]
Denied, Closed

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