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Haters + Ct banned
Admins name : Candy / Shapiro / Chewbaker

Time of incident : 1.20pm QLD TIME i think, pretty much the second half of the downview map

Evidence :

Details of the incident : 

Real quick, i dont think anyones going to get seriously punished for this and thats fine with me, im mainly making this because all admins on at the time were just backing eachother up and doing what they wanted. If i wasnt ct banned i honestly would have just gone about my shit.

Firstly this all pretty much started at tick 64'000 of the demo, where you can see me clearly telling the t's where to go, not long after i explain theyre jumping from THE RAILING, DOWN TO THE KITCHEN LEDGE. This is where the apparent first problem came about, admin slayed me and said my orders were not clear enough.... At around 6 is when i start explaining it and the jump starts at 5:50, Vlad doesnt say 'HUUHH WUTT' until about 5:52 which i disregard because its literally directly under them, he knows where the kitchen is because was just in it, and how many kitchen ledges are there on that map that are possible to reach from that top railing. FeeN pumped the jump the first attempt at pretty much exactly 5:50 and as a result of that the other t's died, even if vlad knew where he was going (WHICH WAS PRETTY OBVIOUS AND EXPLAINED) he would have lost. Candy proceds to slay me 2 times at that point saying 2/5 of the t's were confused about where to go. (Just wanna add the map previous i was on T and took part in a race that i had no idea how to do, i asked for a demo and the warden said sorry its a race dont need to demo and not 1 admin chirped up)

My problem here is after i explain the jump over mic, which is a simple one, and give a start time, am i then supposed to make sure everyone knows where they are going? I tried to message candy after that but i got 1 reply from her saying i 'need to explain it better' (in more words than that tho) and even after me and the other non admins on said it was explained and a dud slay she just kept hush, until she dc'd shortly after. If it was a difficult course of jumps sure i'dve explained way more but i said the ledge under the railing of the kitchen, FeeN made it and the rest died...

This footage can be seen in this youtube video kindly provided by Chewbaker -


Secondly if you skip ahead to 84000 youll notice Shapiro stacking a door and thinking hes ninja running to the gunroom a little after that. If you spec me on the demo youll see my hp drop from 100 to 70. A little after 92000 shapiro gets shot for the exact reason mentioned (tick 84000) and right after that asks me why i killed him, a few moments later he respawns himself and then procceds to slay me. 

If this isnt a clear display of admins using their powers to get what they want idk what is. Shapiro and Chewy may claim it has nothing to do with my ban but it was clear they were unhappy with what just transpired. I told shapiro to slay himself shortly after which he did but that wasnt so we could call it even and wipe it under the rug it was more just so he can use his powers to do the right thing aswell time to time. 


Now if youve gone by this far and seen it from my prespective hopefully you understand the frustration regarding admins using powers like duds, its not the first time that its happened on the server and i know that doesnt mean much cause this is my first post here but i never really bother because its just a game and when they do shit like this they shoot themselves in the foot, but i was ct banned so here i am.

I guess the final straw for my ban was the 1 bhop game off the cage over the line (which can be seen here Ill be the first to admit that after seeing that video back it was pretty dog of me to not tell that new guy, who apparently doesnt know the bhop game, which direction to jump off. Again i get that i should have explained it better and a slay off that would have been completely understood, but that last one compiled with the evidence ive given above which i 100% dont agree with is what got me the ban so its all gotta be taken into account. 

If its general consensus that what candy and shapiro did was 100% within the rules and they recieve no punishment ill take my ban on the chin, but if its not and i was banned purely on not explaining the 1bhop game perfectly and killing the losers, even though otis understood and made the jump on then i think the bans abit much and would appreciate it if it was lifted.

P.S Please forgive the lack of punctuation and shit, its a forum post and i havnt really reviewed it too deep. Also Mogadishu is indeed the capital of Somalia.

Xoxoxoxo  Heart Heart Heart 

Ohh and also im sure this'll get some comments by admins and possible non-admins that dont like me. Im not here to make friends and thats ok but when there's evidence like this id appreciate it if you fucked off unless you watch the demo instead of gangbangin this post with your frustration, ultimately filling it with bias. cheers
i can vouch for cog on this one the orders were fine, he said what jump to do and what time to go at, its a simple jump thats been done everytime the maps played
I am unable to speak for the matters involving the jump games, however I was present during the rounds following and during them Shaprio admitted that the slay on Cog was because he just "forgot I [Shapiro] was rebelling". Surely you don't just forget what happens within a minute or so?

Chewy and Shap both said that it doesn't have anything to do with his ban, but this would no doubt have led to a recency bias in terms of his punishment on the other matters no?
literally never lost a game of ispy
@Shawsie You should keep in mind as per my response in staff complaints that this is not the first time cog has done this. It's so obviously in accordance to our banning procedures that it couldn't be seen as unjust. Unfortunately I can't divulge said procedures but I'm sure with little effort you could find other bans for very similar reasons.
[Image: TlynPA5.gif][Image: TlynPA5.gif]
+1, dog ct ban, from what i saw, admins didn't really give any reasoning behind all the slays and ban and especially Shapiros false slay and res on himself
[Image: tumblr_po6qvi6jia1wucmq1o1_400.jpg]
What are you talking about deskjet? Clear reasons were given here.
[Image: TlynPA5.gif][Image: TlynPA5.gif]
(04-08-2019, 06:15 AM)Shawsie Wrote: I am unable to speak for the matters involving the jump games, however I was present during the rounds following and during them Shaprio admitted that the slay on Cog was because he just "forgot I [Shapiro] was rebelling". Surely you don't just forget what happens within a minute or so?

Chewy and Shap both said that it doesn't have anything to do with his ban, but this would no doubt have led to a recency bias in terms of his punishment on the other matters no?

By that logic, you posting on this thread could result in me hating you. Bias is subjective, and what wasn't mentioned was that Shapiro respawned him and apologized him and also PM'd him. Doesn't sound bias to me? Mistakes are normal, especially for the newer staff, and Shapiro did the right thing as a result of this. I'm not sure what more guys want, this had nothing to do with the ban on Cog as stated in his admin complaint thread.
Hello Cog./\/ito, I'd like to address a few things below.

You are an experienced player which leads the staff team to believe that you understand the rules entirely, and that your rule breaks are intentional. If this is not the case, and you can't understand the rules after ~10 years of playing please let us know.

Otherwise, your repeated dud orders, very minor freewounding, nazi and triggerhappy kills that can be seen in above videos and your history over the past weeks or so, should in my opinion lead to a stronger ban than you already have.

You seem to have trouble following these specific rules, and many more:

36. CTs cannot treat any of the Ts with favouritism. All rewards, punishments and orders must be awarded equally and fairly. 
- In regards to unfair races(not just ones posted above), unfair games (20 player simpsons shootout) and not explaining games.

2. If an admin tells you to do something, respect their authority and adhere accordingly, admins are here to enforce the rules.

A big example of your wardening style is giving unclear orders, orders which only experienced players may understand, and then being very triggerhappy/not giving enough time for Ts who do not understand.

In regards to Shapiro

It is very obvious to me that he has simply made a mistake, being one of our newest staff members. I like how you have left out the fact they he respawned you and attempted to apologise, but by then the round was over.
I have been told the next round he then PMed you to apologise about what he did.

I will talk to Shapiro about this incident.

Because of the nature surrounding your ban I am happy to reduce it. This does not mean the ban was illegitimate, it is simply in good faith because of the false slay and abuse you may have perceived, which I hope I will now clear up.

Keep in mind that we have noticed your behaviour and we obviously don't like it. Just because you are now being slayed for minor things does not mean the staff team is unfairly targetting you, it means they see you show repeated disregard for the rules and what staff tell you.

Bans in the future will result in a much harsher punishment, and will occur for more violations of the rules.


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