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nazi ct ban unban req

Steam ID:

Sourcebans or CTban: CTBAN

Which Server (e.g JB1): server one

Reason for the ban: throwing guns around in gunroom.

Banning admin: Crycelia a mod)

Why should you be unbanned: because throwing guns around in gun room doesnt get you a ban it was just a nazi moderator
The main reason you were banned was for your constant dud actions on CT including freewounding, baiting and generally disadvantaging CTs because you don't pay attention or you're being a troll instead of helping the team. Not because of the gunspam.
Was a miscommunication between Cry and myself.

you've sat 3d, that's enough. Reminder I'd smarten up on CT because if you continue to be a nuisance on CT you'll be getting longer bans, the warnings you've had has been enough.

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