Domination Servers
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I will give $20
I will give $20 via paypal to anyone who puts in different prisoner skins on the server.

$30 If If they are mad skins
Do you have any suggestions?
(16-03-2019, 01:44 PM)IVORK Wrote: Do you have any suggestions?

I believe something that isn't to hard to design and code into the server. Perhaps even changing the default skin to a different colour like black and white stripes? And instead of having a bald head maybe a black prisoner beanie?
OR, we can make the girl prisoner available to all to customize, and we can have the black and white stripes and bald head design for VIP.
Changing the actual clothing of the prisoners wouldn't be hard and would require someone to only edit the textures in Photoshop.

Someone who isn't me
tbh id love to see new t skins
preb lord
Else just change over to the DZ skins as they're already in the game

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