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Quote: Unban me please this is the only server I play

Name: Festival_Stanley

Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:49583591

Sourcebans or CTban: Sourcebans and parma gag

Which Server (e.g JB1): Server 1,2 and discord

Reason for the ban: Discord is banavaiting. Server 1 is that I will not shut up in admin chat and server 2 is ? never got a reason

Banning admin: Discord was Onionzzz. Server 1 was porky and server 2 ?. Perma gag was by porky.

Why should you be unbanned: Discord: I am very sorry about banavaiting I now know not to do that very sorry. Server 1: I will not abuse admin chat and bug them anymore sorry to admins. Server 2: I do not know why im banned from server 2 but it is prob because im banned from server 1. Perma gag already said in the server 1 one and im very sorry.

.PS. Also read all the rules on the forms and im very sorry this is my favourite server and I want to be unbanned my apologies.
forum banned for 1 day

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