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MrBanjo's unban request
Name: MrBanjo

Steam ID:

Sourcebans or CTban: Unknown

Which Server (e.g JB1): Jailbreak servers

Reason for the ban: Unknown

Banning admin: Unknown

Why should you be unbanned: Im unsure why I have been banned. Played a 1 round today before leaving then when i went back onto play again later it just says i have been banned? 
You have been permanently banned as you were detected to be linked to an account which is also permanently banned for Injected Bhop hacks.
as seen here:
[Image: a95efdbebc.png]
Mind explaining?
MrBanjo is my only steam account ive had? I dont know how i have been linked to this account. And if you knew me well you would know i have no clue how to inject Bhop hacks XD

Have i been linked to MrFLinko? Cause I have been on the server the same time as him
My apologies. seems there is an issue with our auto Ban Evading software which resulted in the ban of you and a few other accounts. these bans have been lifted and we are currently figuring out what is going on to prevent this from happening again.

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