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Delight's unban request.
Name: Delight (Solace is my main alias)

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:136993866

Sourcebans or CTban: CTBan I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong but on the bans it just says "Ban"

Which Server (e.g JB1): I believe I was playing on the Jailbreak 2 server.

Reason for the ban: I got banned for apparently being injected. I'm not sure why I was banned for being injected and I noticed it was a manual ban from the admin IVORK. To explain the situation quickly we were playing bomb toss and I was bhopping gaining pre-speed and then I went and threw the bomb and failed miserably and then next moment I get kicked with the ban message. If I could have a bit more information onto why I was banned that would be great. 

Banning admin: IVORK

Why should you be unbanned: I would love to be unbanned as I thought the ban was unfair as I wasn't injected at all and would never use cheats on my main account I have put way to much money and time on my account to cheat and get a vac ban the next week. I am currently level 300 on steam and have 6k hours on csgo, I used to be a very good bhopper but slowly declined over the years when other games came out like fortnite, etc. I loved playing jailbreak on garry's mod back in the day and would love to continue on CSGO but now can't since I'm banned on the only good server.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards

Here is a link to my steam account that has been banned as I guess evidence that I would never cheat or inject or whatever. Ignore this message if it doesn't matter.

Reapply again in a month and tell the truth and will set you free
[Image: srjaYLA.png]
For further context, your two buddies "17" & "givenchy" were both detected with injected bhop assistance. 17 got a SMAC detection, and Givenchy banned automatically by TOGS Jump stats, while you did not reach the threshold for a ban, you were very close by reaching 86% bhop efficiency off seemingly spacebar only, whereas even the best bhoppers struggle to get 70 with a mousewheel.

If you have any justification for this, feel free to reply, else the ban will stay in place.
Ok I should of added in my thread which I now have realized it was dumb to not include but I was using a bhop macro using logitech software. This would clearly explain that. I know I probably shouldn't receive an unban as I failed to mention that. I use it for matchmaking and have now deleted it completely.

No idea if you will lift the ban or not but thanks for the response.

Kind Regards.
Why you lie, we just said you were detected using a cheat, not a macro.

I take it you really don't want to be unbanned?

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