Domination Servers
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Damn is this true
So basically shane was a admin and he told everyone that all admins trial mod etc use console to cheat couch game by it shows what they picked :0
yeah admins can do that they see everything with there console they see every nade thrown every glass broken every button pressed
[Image: agay47.PNG]
only shane used that to cheat other admins have more integrity
Don't know about them cheating but yes, admins can see a lot of things, e.g:

- Nade throws
- Vents breaking
- Button presses
- Entities breaking e.g Skylight truck game or Canyondam boat game
- 5ft deaths
- Player death locations and their killer
- Killcam replay of a persons death

+ more

How do you think we catch people opening cells early so easily :thinking:
big if true
[Image: srjaYLA.png]
real admins choose the wrong couch to jebait players ;D guess you'll never know
who ever changed my name back. i love you

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