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Murr aimlock, mass kos and esp
Name :  Murr / MDK

Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:110006612

Reason for the ban : Mass KOS, Aimlocking and ESPing.

Evidence : Keep in mind he was aware I was recording so this is only the things he was silly enough to let slip:

(I tried looking at the server demos by downloading them however my game refused to play them for some reason if anyone could check them out that would be awesome :])

EDIT: changed to add his forum name.

Murr has some 260hrs+ logged on our community so it is fair to assume he has enough game knowledge to know gunroom is the most ideal spot to camp in that situation on Wakka.

We will review the demo however to look into the other accusations deeper. Just confirming, it was on JB1 from approximately 6:49AEST right?

If the demo does not play, try naming it to something simpler.
The footage does not exhibit your accusations the point where his external assistance is evident beyond a reasonable doubt, therefore murr should not be banned.

It's notable that murr also has accumulated a substantial number of hours on the server, so don't you think it's equitable to assume that he would've developed an acute understanding of likely positions for a player to cover? Due to gunroom's one-way visibility, it is an intelligent stronghold on Wakka for a rebelling terrorist.

However, it did admittedly look peculiar how he actually peeked the rebeller without any prior info except mere speculative decision. What I mean by this is that he decided to walk right around the wall and spray without covering CT side room beforehand (an equally popular position). Out of the whole video, that's the only thing remarkable.

The aimlock accusation should be disregarded straight away, as you're only basing it on a single frag that wasn't immediately suspicious.

In conclusion, murr is not cheating.
Thank you for the demos, i have reviewed the freekilling and will CTban him for massy... if you have any conclusive evidence of cheats please upload it into a video.. as it is a bit unfeasible for me to watch 40minsx3 of demos to see cheating at this stage.

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