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i was unfairly banned by mickan
Name: Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub

Steam ID:

Sourcebans or CTban:ct ban

Which Server (e.g JB1): jb1

Reason for the ban:opening cells 10 SECONDS EARLY during open day on canyon dam
Banning admin: mickan 

Why should you be unbanned: I should be unbanned or at least shorted ban because i was the first ct on and i wanted to do a no inside open day as i belive they are better then normal open days trial mod crycelliya then says no we are not doing a no inside open day and i forgot he was on the staff team so i tried to go against him then admin mickan no clipped out of his cell to the cell button and i then proceeded to go open cells only disadvantaging me and i then ogt a 3 day ct ban which was a nazi ban and i am sorry for what i did it will not happen again
[Image: agay47.PNG]
Hi Ibrahim,
After reviewing the Demo the first orders were in fact from Whalelover who specified it being an "open day no outside" but you continued to talk over the original warden.
Also after reviewing the demo you opened the cells 30 seconds early, not 10.

Although you forgot that Crycelia was a mod, I still asked you not to do this type of open day as you had failed to allow CT's to setup for the day and were entirely unprepared.
I asked you specifically not to open the cells but you continued to move towards the cell button, I gave you a final warning that if you are to open the cells early you will be banned as there where CT's still preparing in gun room and you will be hindering your fellow guards and ruining the open day for some of your fellow CT's
after all your warnings you continued to go against what you where told and opened the cells 30 seconds early.
Usually "open day no inside" is typically done on a map where it is quick and easy for T's to get outside and that there are enough weapons outside so that some of the T's can rebel (e.g. Wakka).

However I am willing to shorten your ban by 1 day as there was only 1 other CT that died due to your misconduct and the 'open day no outside' managed to be somewhat successful in the end. I also suggest that next time you listen to carefully to orders that are given from staff.

if you have another issue with a ban that please make a ban request on the forums first before disputing in game or discord, Thanks.

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