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To the DS Community, 

I’ve had a wonderful time in domination Jailbreak from meeting new people and even rekindling old bonds long forgotten in past communities. It’s unfortunate to say I’m at the stage of my life where I have to leave the community to focus on my career prospects and aspiration. Jailbreak is no longer a convenient option to enjoy some time of pleasure, let alone serve as high standard staff member. So rather that fading away to obscurity, I’d say goodbye to all the people I’ve met in our community whilst some of you still remember me. From the prebs that will undoubtedly run the future communities with our rules one day and as our fb group would like to put it, to the socially autistic young adults who since 2009 never got over the game of cops and robbers in time to become productive members of society who make this community what it is, I bid you all farewell.

Special thanks to Hyphen, without him I’d never would have been recruited and give me the opportunity to reminisce the memories of jailbreak. And being a staff member, I have to say serving the community as a whole feels amazing. 

I’d like to thank Onionz for making the difficult decisions for the interest in prosperity of the community; you aren’t thanked enough for that. And also I thank you for creating the tools that made our lives as a staff member easier.  I wish for you all the best managing and serving the community in the finest of your judgment.

Turtle, Ivork and Jord Jord, I thank you for all the times you’ve answered my call for advice and seeing the potential in me to become Senior admin. I hope you all continue to serve the best you can giving advice to the managers in difficult times. 

Anthonyy, I could have never been prouder to see you become a Senior admin as one of my nominated, let alone becoming Community operator. I’ve had high hopes for you since the beginning and you have peaked beyond my expectations.

Max Pain the eldest of the Senior team. I declare you Alpha Senior admin after I’m gone. Just joking around, but thanks for being around serving with the standard as one of the finest staff members.

Jas8621, I’d like to thank you for all your training without your guidance at the start, I would have never become Senior so fast. I give credit to where it is due, and I don’t think I’ve formally thanked you for that.

Mickan, one of my other nominees, I’m glad many saw the potential in you as I did, I hope you serve well in the Senior team.

Coinz the eldest and the sweatiest nerd, only to be rivalled by Nehpets ( RIP nehpets) , glad you came back to join the jailbreak community. Your experience of sweat will always be recognised. I have faith you will serve the community in the best of its interest.

Dildo, you are the newest of the Senior admin team, along with Porky (May you continue to voice out your opinions uncensored, and thank you for humbling yourself to reason in times of strife). I’d hope both of you adapt to these positions as the pinnacle representations of the finest staff members in the field.

 Decroded, the handsome golden boy, as much as your maps have cucked and ended up becoming memes, we are all thankful for such a diligent and enduring map maker. I thank you for serving the in the interest for the survival of the community.

Gracious, the fellow gook. Your delightful personality had created countless memorable jailbreak moments. I hope you continue to enjoy jailbreak as much as I had.

94mudkips, I have entrusted you with my finest contribution in this community. I hope I have chosen the right man for the job. Please serve the community well and continue to promote the high quality standard of maps.  Thanks for succeeding me creating minimaps, and I’m glad you don’t use paint.
Crimson, in times of strife, I can only thank you for humbling yourself when facing criticism. Its hard facing them, and I’m glad you have taken them well. I hope for the best of luck, and all the best in the community for you.

J-breakfast the other fellow gook, continue to serve well and help recruit more AZNs in the team, long live the minorities! I hope you serve the interest of the server as well.

As for the rest of the admin team, Tealkine, Pmartion, teajae, and Winnie blues, I’m sorry I don’t have any personal words to say to you, as the staff team has grown exceptionally as onionz had envisioned.  But I hope you all take care and teach the newer staff members on how it is to be a Jailbreak staff member.

For all the moderators, cru, father dicky, Deandre, EatingCake, Unna , Subi and nico, I wish you all the best serving as the Janitors of the community. It’s a rough start, but majority of us started there at some point, I hope you all become model staff members one day.
As for the trials.. Well as Ivork likes to put it…. “Some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice I am willing to make”. Best of luck in the trial system; may you learn well from your betters so you can become them one day.

As for the whole Jailbreak staff as a whole, ambition is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s about how you go about it to reach your ambitions. If you focus your efforts in the interest for the survivability and greatness of the server, over your own self-interests you are in the right path.  Whilst ranks is what separates us from our responsibilities, I hope everyone remembers we are all in the same team here. Communication is key.

I’d like to thank everyone for giving the time to read this,  I hope the community lives long enough for one day my children to experience the chaotic but charming nature of our beloved community. Today I am renouncing my Senior admin title, goodbye and all the best for the future.  I hope there will be more of you leaving with grace rather than demotions Wink.  Oh and onionz I’d like to take that honourably discharged staff status thanks.
Kind regards, yours truly Jester
ill miss you xx
Miss you already, take care!

Thanks for always being there for me Jester <3

Take care
you put lots of dedication and time into this community, but now it is time for you to make your life decisions and become grown up, your farewell letter even made me tear up. Best of lucks for you in the future!!
Enjoy and best wishes for your future. You're one of the reasons I decided to join back to the old boys. Will keep sweating for you.
you were never on but you still become my favorite admin gonna miss the best gook on ds

one last see ya mate for good times

see ya mate
[Image: agay47.PNG]
bye lol
who ever changed my name back. i love you
I've known you for nearly 10 years mate and you will forever be the best gook, when we win the race war I will make sure you surive. Big f for my gook boy :"(
[Image: srjaYLA.png]
Have a good one jester.

You were always a good lad and a great admin.

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