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Ip Ban
Quote:Name: Jake

Steam ID: 76561198913546374

Sourcebans or CTban: SB

Which Server (e.g JB1): Both

Reason for the ban: Hack by mistake

Banning admin: Console

Why should you be unbanned: I used hacks on my second account because i was bored and i was like fuck it games free lets use hacks only once tho so i did to test it out i was bored and curious i went on jailbreak and forgot to turn them off it was a mistake i hope i can join back soon thanks.

Useful link: How to Conduct a Server Demo investig
You have banned evaded on many occasions even today (the day you posted this request) and yet you have the audacity to ask to be unbanned?
vent cell hyphen spray
You have ban evaded today.... this shows you are not ready for an unban at this stage.


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