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Name: a lil boy

Steam ID: xx21savagexx7

Sourcebans or CTban: CT 

Which Server (e.g JB1): 1

Reason for the ban: Dud

Banning admin: PMartion

Why should you be unbanned: PMartion banned me for 14 minutes then banned me for 14 days he could not give me a reason why he banned me and i even asked him! I would like to get unbanned today ASAP cause this guy has broken the rules of admin he banned me for nothing can admins please unban me ASAP!

Thanks Admins Ur the best!
Thanks for your ban appeal a lil boy

I did give you a reason to your ban in-game using PMs (a red text should have popped up in your chat). The reason why I banned you for 14 days was because I was receiving complaints about you CT smoking. I checked the demo, and you did indeed CT smoke somebody. I checked the list of CT bans you have received in the past, and you have a total of 2 CT bans for "dud". If you didn't know, the 3rd offence of being a dud is a 2 week CT ban.

Also, the whole back story to the 14 minute ban was an accident. I forgot to add the d after the 14 to make it a 14 day ban, but I executed the command and it ended up being a 14 minute. It is now a 14 day ban.

If you need clarification, the person you CT smoked was Wocket Weague.
preb lord

As per PMartion's response, you were told multiple times in game via PM as to why you were CT banned.

Based on the nature of the offense and your previous bans the 14d CT ban was fair.

However, we will be reducing the ban to 7d as a show of good faith in hopes that you can learn a lot over the next 7 days and avoid having to be banned in future as there will be no leniency on your next ban of the same nature.

Reduced to 7d, closed.

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