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unban ct
Steam Username: Jakeed Al Agadesh 


Ban: CT ban

Server: Jailbreak #1

Banning Admin: Onionz

Reason for Ban: 4th massy

Why Should I be unbanned: aye man i barely even play jb anymore so u should reduce my perm ct down to a year or 6 months or whatever, i probably wont even remember what jb is in a year
This was your 4th Mass Freekill to date.
Due to the fact you have already served 5 months of this CTban I am willing to reduce it to a further one month from today's date.
After this time has passed you will be unbanned but ANY mention of you and breaking rules will re-instate this perm CTban along with a server ban.
Do not misuse this extra chance we will not tolerate this behaviour.

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