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SlumpGod Server Ban?
Name : Charlie

Steam ID :

Reason for the ban : Cheating?

Evidence : I had just joined a domination server to play some chilled ct rounds then go to bed, yet as soon as i get onto the server it says that i have been banned? I had never hacked on CSGO and never will and i had done nothing worthy of a ban ever on domination servers. I had dedicated a lot of time to the servers and i had never even pulled off a massy. Please unban me because i love these servers and my CSGO life is nothing without them.
According to our ban list, the current account you stated with the steam id of  STEAM_1:0:457002972 has been banned for a duplicate account. Furthermore our ban list reveals when searched, you attempted to ban evade with a 2nd account named Gnigga with the steam id  STEAM_1:0:471695466. Lastly your earliest ban with the steam id of STEAM_1:0:468513051 and name EMOTY, has the following :

Perf: 92.3% || Avg: 1.1 / 316.8 || EMOTY<118><STEAM_1:0:468513051><> || Map: ba_jail_ds_revolution_v4 || Last: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Long story short your first ban was due to cheating in our servers. This was with our automatic system and judging from your jumps you are cheating.  Your 2nd and 3rd ban was due to your attempt to evade our ban system.  

If  you have anything to say in your defence, let us know.  I won't close the thread for a day waiting for your response.  Otherwise please don't lie to us.

                   Kind Regards, Jester
Closed as per above.

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