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Gracious FreeKill
So I was complaining about socks freewounding people for not listening to orders first time, along with a lot of other people

In the video I thought socks freewounded me again so I was telling gracious that he was freewounding people alot. gracious then Freekills me so thats epic.
My Opinion.

You were the one that instigated the delay. You continued to speak even after being told not to. If you had an issue, take it to admin chat. Don't spam it on the mic while the warden is giving orders. "Get off mic and fucking deal with your shit" -PokerJoker
who ever changed my name back. i love you
Hi ironic comedy meta, I'd like to address just a few points in the video which you fail to mention.

1. You were not freekilled in this clip, at worst it was a nazi kill, but still a regretably justified one.

My reasoning for this is that a) you fell off the red solitary to make a jump that no CT asked you to, therefore taking time to get back up there, this is why I assume sock was shooting you in this particular round.
And b) you delayed by not going into showers despite being told 3 times by pokerjoker to do so. Whilst you attribute this to complaining about socks freewounding you failed to comply with orders, and you also spammed over said orders (although not heard in the video above). I'd just like to mention that your complaints are taken into account and I had been watching sock when I had the time to, whether it be when I was dead or when Ts were moving into another area, as an active CT it's not easy to watch what he was doing.

2. I had just joined the server and cannot instantly investigate someone freewounding when trying to assist an unbalanced CT team.

What your video fails to mention is that I joined the server just the round prior to this one and had no rounds to work with to investigate socks alleged freewounding, and as I somewhat trust sock despite his history because of his help on S2 on occasion, so I thought he would be abiding by the rules as per usual, but this video seems to demonstrate that he was certainly doing something fishy since shooting you for falling off was somewhat nazi. I also assumed that since all the younger players with microphones were complaining about sock the round I joined, that it could have been banter/a joke since, in my experience, people do tend to trash talk/tease sock over mic when possible.

3. Moving on to why I was unable to kill the other majorly delaying T and therefore framing your death to look like a motivated kill, I had no confidence in his identity as his name tag didn't show up when I aimed at him, therefore there was no way for me to know who he was by name. If you watch closely to the video I give warning shots to the Ts still remaining on the red solitary, but you and the other T whose identity I'm still unsure of were the only Ts left on the box, well after the orders had been given.

On a final note I should mention that this doesn't excuse sock's behaviour on this entire map since I only joined partway, I will be reviewing the demos for any footage of sock freewounding multiple Ts in multiple rounds and punishing him accordingly, however given that pokerjoker had not said a word to me about him as a trusted player, or any of the Ts had bothered to type a single message in admin chat regarding the matter I had it low on my priorities as a CT and an admin.

I apologise if the kill has come across as nazi, or in your case a 'freekill' and I hope you're satisfied with my response, if you have any further questions feel free to ping me in general discord or add me on steam.
Closed, learn to follow orders. smh
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