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Taken ban request
Video of I'm smoking me and lasagna 

As you can see on the clip taken ct smokes me and lasagna for no reason at the start of the round he claims I free killed for killing someone who was shooting me but even if it was 1 free kill it's not his job to ct smoke me but also he kills lasagna wich was killed at like the start of the round so he ct smoked 2 people for no reason
Wtf taken still isn’t banned? +1 ban his dumbass
Several reports have been filed and he is now banned :
who ever changed my name back. i love you
This is correct the player has been Ct banned for multiple reasons one of which being Ct Smoke. In future I request that all parties not involved with the ban request unless addressing the ban request AND adding relevant information please refrain from posting in this channel aswell as unban requests. We do not need these topics turned into memes. We have Off-topic sub-fourms for that.
Also in future Blueberry if you plan to continue posting ban requests please fillout the ban request template helps the staff team immensely.

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