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T4K3N ban request
Name : T4K3N

Steam ID :STEAM_0:1:460593806

Reason for the ban : Freekilling, being a dud, killing in custom rebel, more freekills.

Evidence :
I say "Custom LR", I havent said anything yet and he proceeds to kill me
He says "Go into race", he hasnt specified what way you can or can not go through, as he hasnt said "Do not use the ladder" Vice goes into race by the ladder. Taken then says "Dont try it vice" and then sprays him.

I have got more mp4s but my internet is fucked and takes 20 minutes to upload a 10 second video, if required however I will upload them too
Currently based on the evidence you have provided it does seem to just be a single round with a lapse in judgement. if you have more evidence of this occurring Ill leave the thread open for you however if an admin was online at the time this would just result in a slay/swap therefore I currently wont be CTbanning the player in question.
Hi Jas, My wifi is legit dog sh*t so im going to have to upload the youtube vids overnight hopefully you dont mind and keep this post open.
Addressed and banned for multiple Offenses.

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