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Unban request
Name: Snork

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:167537315

Sourcebans or CTban: Sourceban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JailBreak 2

Reason for the ban: Ban evading / Dupe account

Banning admin: Console

Why should you be unbanned: I believe I was falsely banned because I never had another account that has been banned on JailBreak. I would say It's my brother but that's dumb even though It's probably true. I know my appeal isn't good but I hope you accept this.


I'm not sure if your post means you have a brother or not..?

The original account that was banned is brand new and was detected for cheating (definitely was).

My thoughts are you made the alt just to cheat?
I didn't make a new account to cheat.
But yes I do have a brother and I have no idea if the got banned or not
You may want to ask him and confirm that fact.
I don't believe you, so, please come on Discord later and talk to one of the operators and have you and your brother ready to use the mic together, otherwise it's a fat deny.
Big F for me. Brother is a nig.


DS will be missed
(28-01-2019, 03:47 AM)Snork Wrote: Big F for me. Brother is a nig.


DS will be missed

shut up everyone knows you just made a alt so just stop lying and admit it and they might let you off with only a one month ban
Here’s the F

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