Domination Servers
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My problem with the Things they call "Admins"
First off we have to realize that these things called "admins" are not normal living people but infact they were clone and born in a lab using onionzz dna and skin cells these monsters were born and raised to lie to us the normal common ds server folk in fact i have 100 percent confirmation that this is true 
this came straight from the keyboard of one of these monster in onionz basement 


I Feel extremely mad that onionz has done this to so many little children and he has brought them up to worship him he has a god complex and his little clone freaks only fuel that complex i say us as players need to raise up and slay these freaks to set them free from what onionz did and is still doing to them then slay the mad scientist Frankenstein that is onionz then all the so called "Admins" can sleep peacefully in deaths arms 

but we can't slay the scientist and his beast with out a leader so i say we need some one strong with great leadership skills and a sexy voice i say we should have .....
raymond as the leader of our beast slaying army

if you want to join this crusade to slay the beasts reply to this saying i denounce onionz and i denounce his slaves
conspiracy theory #1
(27-01-2019, 10:53 AM)ONIONZZZ Wrote: Wat

Stop lying , dildo told me all you did to him and all the other test subjects
(27-01-2019, 10:53 AM)ONIONZZZ Wrote: Wat

We will let you go if you let the slaves you call "admins" out of your basement to run free in the wild like the genetically fucked up beast they are
[Image: 18693163-73c5-416f-b9dd-23ada0fd947e.png]

[Image: c8a8c6d2-4a45-42f3-8e3d-69f9696f20a5.png]
We are born only to serve.
none of us have belly buttons because we weren't born out of wombs and didn't have umbilical cords.
[Image: tumblr_oh2kgkYRXx1rl68djo1_500.gif]
They're onto us boys, excute order 66.

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