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CT unban
Steam Username: CaTT


Ban: CT ban

Server: S2 Jailbreak 

Banning Admin: Cru

Reason for Ban: nading elle killing 10 T's in result

Why Should I be unbanned: i didn't kill any T's and i was nading a rebel at top of elevator and it got stuck in a team mate resulting in some T's getting damaged.
it resulted in all 10 ts falling to the bottom of elevator while the nuke was active lmao
i don't know all these maps i didn't know that would happen i only played on CT for 1 day then got CT Banned for this.

Due to this being your first ban, and the event being more of an unintentional mistake than deliberate, I have decided to unban you due to time already served.
Please be more aware of potential consequences to actions in-game in future.


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