Domination Servers
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Name: akmal

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:448564348

Sourcebans or CTban: Sourceban (?)

Which Server: i don't know

Reason for the ban: "Hyst - Alt"

Banning admin: jordjord

Why should I be unbanned: don't even know why I am banned. tried joining today but server never loaded. checked the site and here I am. done nothing wrong at all and have been banned because I am an "Alt" for Hyst, which I am not. I wasn't playing when I was banned, so I don't have a server or any details of my ban. 
Hi, please explain who Hyst is to us.
i ain't hyst. he is my brother.
I have added both of you on Steam, try be on together tonight / propose another time so I can authenticate you are indeed separate individuals. Note allowing him access to your account or any rule breaches wil be dealt with irregardless of your understanding.


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