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I admit.

Steam ID: 76561198882841586

Sourcebans or CTban:SourceBan

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB2

Reason for the ban:Bhop Scripts

Banning admin: Console

Why should you be unbanned: Well firstly I'am sorry for using bhop scripts for my selfish needs, Yes I admit to using them to  get a advantage,yes there was no need  and  reason for using them, I love jailbreak. I started doing it when cru (ADMIN) banned a player for 2 days for doing if I can remember and I thought hey why not and I felt like  a good Bhopper so I kept doing it over and over and over,I admit,and I don't think ill get unbanned,sorry.
>doesn't even turn off his scripts while making his unban app
(24-01-2019, 09:15 AM)Ninja Chris Wrote: >doesn't even turn off his scripts while making his unban app

What no dude it's called redewing your sentences lmao
As much as we do not accept hackers in our server we are willing to give you one more chance. Your ban will not be removed but reduced to a one month reduction. This is your first and only unban that we will offer you should you be caught hacking/scripting injecting anything ever again you will NOT be welcome back into our community we do not tolerate this sort of behaviour and it will not be taken lightly.

TLDR: Reduced to one month.

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