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(JamalTheCamal) Unban Request! Please Help! (REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)
Name: JamalTheCamal 

Steam ID:

Sourcebans or CTban: Server Ban

Which Server (e.g JB1): Jailbreak 1

Reason for the ban: Injected Cheats

Banning admin: Console Banned ( SMAC ConVar sv_cheats violation )

Hi there Admins,
I am writing an Unban Request to you in hope of it being accepted. I have been banned from DS Jailbreak Servers for Injecting Cheats into my System. I admit I did, I joined Jailbreak with the intention to make some sick wall-bangs or crazy clutches for rebelling Angel . Unfortunately I did receive a ban which I practically deserved, I didn't think of the consequences of doing this because it wasn't actually my account. It was my friends account which I logged into. Also unfortunately my real account "JamalTheCamal" got banned aswell. So I'm really hoping that with your kind hearts you guys Un-Ban me from Jailbreak. I honestly have been playing Jailbreak since 2016, (on brothers account) and I have really enjoyed it. Jailbreak is one of the main reasons why I haven't gone to Fortnite and uninstalled CS:GO.

PS: I will buy a rank if you unban me!

Hi Jamal. Using Cheats is against the rules and results in a perm ban. However since you admitted to using them we have decided to reduce the ban to 1 month.
If you are caught cheating again after the ban expires you will be permanently banned with no chance of an appeal.

Regards, Jord


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