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CT Undan
Quote:Name: Festival_Stanley

Steam ID: Festival_Stanley

Sourcebans or CTban: CTban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: dud

Banning admin: Taliyah

Why should you be unbanned: I found out that you can not play im a barbi girl in disco lots. and I now know not to play barbi girl lots in disco because im dud. please unban me sorry
Yeah I was on the server at the same time, Stanley was being a competant warden for multiple maps in a row, 3 days for fucking around in disco one round is nothing compared to Taliyahs massy 1 round after

unban stanley!!!! i was on the server and he was in disco trying to figure out how to play barbie girl when i killed him. he was only in there for a very short time like 2 seconds!!!!!! unban stanley
You were slain and warned multiple times to be inside of Ts at all times. Since you decided to not listen you copped a 3d CTban.
This appeal will be denied.

In future do not also post in unban appeals unless you are the person requesting this or a staff member.
unban stanley ! He's a young boy who just wants to dance !
[Image: 14DtX0s.gif]

Stanley was just playing around trying to have fun.
No one would be playing if the game wasn't meant to be fun.

Also having fun doesn't compare to a massy.

Second thought.
1d reduction. Accepted.
Next time won't be so easy.

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