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dox unban req
Steam ID:
Sourcebans or CTban:
source ban
Which Server (e.g JB1): 
s2 idk
Reason for the ban:
Banning admin: 
Why should you be unbanned: 
false ban was speaking the truth someone named [cant say it] revealed hyst's p.i to what i believe and i just said that the reason hyst most likely revealed map secret was because he got doxxed earlier, i got banned on the discord apparently for it / source ban ivork showed me on discord. i can also prove that molesto was there at the time of the doxxing too so yeah 
Someone doxed hyst and mae is speaking the truth it happened on server 2
We have looked into your supposed situation however there is no evidence of there ever being a player under that alias ever joining the server for any period of time ever. This in mind what you are saying could never have happened. You and your band of buddies are digging your hole deeper and deeper through a string of continuous rule-breaks and lapses in cognitive function of which has caused not only yourselves to get banned but more of your "friends".
I strongly urge all of you to think about what you are doing considering you are all facing an complete in-ability to ever return to this community.
For now your request has been denied an i ask that you use the following month to think about your past actions and when you are ready to admit to your lies and apologise to those who you have wronged will we consider unbanning you.
Jas i would to say that i was there at the time of the doxxing against hyst and some fellow named (removed) doxxed hyst in chat once but if not multiple time if you would like to see it please check demos he did it via chat
(22-01-2019, 09:44 AM)Mr Molesto Wrote: Jas i would to say that i was there at the time of the doxxing against hyst and some fellow named (removed) doxxed hyst in chat once but if not multiple time if you would like to see it please check demos he did it via chat

PM me on Discord what he said in chat so I can search the logs.
ight molesto was there i dont what his name was but they played words on his last name of the person and such and i think it was on maximum or something but i clearly remember it and alot of people do. im not really friends with molesto, never really talked to him. im telling the truth i dont know anyone called [you know who im talking about] and i didnt think that saying the username in a discord server was even gonna get the ban.

its fine i can try in a month you dont have to believe me
Ok First of all I've removed all posts in this thread which did not contain any relevant information to this unban request For future please refrain from posting in ban/unban requests without providing any information pertaining to the case.

Thank you to Mr Molesto for helping us find all the evidence we needed to figure out this fully.

Mae... Congratz on your attempt at playing not only the staff team but your friends too. Thanks to Molesto and your own testimony we have finally figured out who doxxed whom first. The answer to that question is you doxxed Hyst under a different username and used that as a scapegoat to get away with the dox of Dildo of the staff team.

Here we see the account {Redacted} STEAM_1:1:148084151 Doxing player HYST (Sensitive information removed ofc) 
[Image: 9e45da6f84.jpg]This was a direct pull from the server logs by Onionzz. 

Now we can Identify STEAM_1:1:148084151 and it was found to be Mae as seen below: 
[Image: 68f7225d32.png]

Unfortunately for you this is not where you stopped, as on a private discord in which Hyst had invited much of the staff team to you then decided to blame yourself under {Redacted} name for causing Hyst to reveal map secrets in so Doxxing Dildo of the staff team due to your choice of name when you Doxxed Hyst as seen below:
[Image: 2a37c668ee.jpg]

I  applaud your ability to stab your own friends in the back and cause as much chaos as you have but unfortunately yor also dumb enough to not think about how this could all be traced back to you... 
Your kind are not welcome in the DominationServers Community and therefore your Permanent Server ban will not be revoked.
Fuck off and think about how much of a Cunt you have been.

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