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unban request
Name: big lez

Steam ID: Troublestrue

Sourcebans or CTban: ct ban

Which Server (e.g JB1):  jail break 1

Reason for the ban: Vent camping?

Banning admin: Nephets

Why should you be unbanned :it wasn't a vent camp we where on canyondam and i went through vents to clear i went to the first pocket that goes underneath the canyon cleared it then started to move to the other side to get out (too unskilled to get out the jump way) and then another ct said that ts where coming in behind me and so 4 hoped down i got 2 one got wall glitched and another had an awp from killing another ct that came down the same time all the ts came down and he killed me so i dont believe that is a vent camp

also nephets didnt let me explain myself and instead just said banned me and when i tried to talk to him he just called me a retard for vent camping and then when i went to check if i had a demo to show to u guys when i came back he was gone an didnt wanna bar of me after that it seems i understand its only a one day ban but i think it was very unfair and thats why im fighting it
Yeaaah that's still a 'camp'. You shouldn't have killed those T's. You cleared the vent and you didn't leave..

I'll leave this open
so even if there behind you and they kill a ct in front of you i should walk out just future refrence?
but anyways ty
The vent was clear, you could have exited it via the normal way, but you decided to turn around and loiter, where new Ts entered the vent and all of a sudden there's a random CT there spraying them down?

The vent camping rule exists to give T's a fair chance of rebelling. Going into a vent and seeing a CT running towards isn't fair, is it?
yep all good thanks for getting back to me atleast i know now

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