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Freekill fucker
Name : boat (Molesto)

Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:242891510

Reason for the ban : Freekill (this has happened many times prior Angry Angry Angry )

Evidence : Hope this helps but I didnt manage to get my game recorder working Tongue

also during the time he said he was going to do a open day

then he came back and proceeded to freekill me
its s2 if you want real shit go server 1 with your fucking toaster
Enjoy it reatard
Hi Cluby,

Thanks for taking the time to gather the evidence and post it for us.

We'll be issuing Molesto a 3d CT ban due to the nature of the offence and his prior ct bans.

As per what he replied to your post with  "its s2 if you want real shit go server 1 with your fucking toaster"

This is quite true - In future to avoid situations like this we urge all players to use S1 until it's full as S2 is purely designed as an overflow for when S1 is full. And in general won't have much staff attention unless we can spare it.


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