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1 year anniversary competition
Hey everyone,

to mark the 1 year anniversary of the Jailbreak server, we'll be doing a bit of a giveaway.

To enter, you must:

- Be in the Steam group at time of posting in this thread
- Be on Discord
- Have more than 20 hours on the server
- Have joined either Jailbreak servers before the 1st of Jan 2019
- Have never been server banned (GPU only, CTBans do not count towards this)
- Post a reply on this thread, only ONE reply, if you post more than once you will NOT be counted

We will be choosing 10 winners, the prizes will be the winners choice, in order of random selection, which means first winners get first pick (GPU excluded)

Prize pool:

- 1 x copy of The Division for PC
- 2 x 1 month Jailbreak level 3 VIP
- 2 x 2 month Jailbreak level 2 VIP
- 2 x 3 months Jailbreak level 1 VIP
- 200k Minigames credits
- 200k Jailbreak credits
- 1 x GTX 980 G1 Gaming Graphics Card *

* If you would like to win the GPU, in your reply please state why you want or need the graphics card, and please be willing to provide a shipping address if you win. A winner will be chosen who we think needs the GPU the most. Backup winners will be chosen upon the winner of the GPU not being able to fulfill this request.

If I don't win this is rigged.
Good luck boys
[Image: wb_transparent.png]
yum  Shy
Best of luck all
Good luck to everyone,
Id love that gpu because my 750 is slowly dying
I like games.
eASY CHiCken BoIs
M i N i G a M e S c R e D i T s

coinz is my real dad
Daddy Please: Need this GPU so i can dual it with my GTX 256 series.

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