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this isnt an unban request but more of a pissed off retaliation, the reason i wanted to be warden is because he did i spy and guess the mag off the very start of each round, not doing any map games. No one enjoyed playing these games yet he still did it, so I decided to do something (be warden), and here I am. Ct banned.
Okay if this isn't an unban request what is this??
Instead of smoking "duds" how about you take other action in accordance with the rules.
Dunno what part of "smoking ct's" that is against the rules that you fail to understand. You could have copped the full 3d ban that you are deserved but due to the circumstances i decided to ban you both together for a day as you both have demonstrated the inability to act as adults and calmly and rationally figure out who the warden is. If even just one of you had the ability to think about anything but yourself you would be able to sort the situation out without ending up banned.
Stop bitching and take responsibility for your actions and it wont happen again.

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