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Can i please get a CT unban
Name/Steam ID: Donious


Which Server (e.g JB1): Jb2

Reason for the ban:Mass freekill

Banning admin: doesn't say

Why should you be unbanned: i was just having fun because i was the only CT and i told everyone to rush me and that we would play a game and i killed everyone.
Hi there donious. I was the staff member who CTbanned you in this case. 

Thank you for taking the time to post an unban request on the forums. 

Now regarding your ban, you issued the order at the start of the round for “All T’s rush me”, and then proceeded to kill every single T that followed your questionable order. This is technically a mass freekill as you killed many non rebelling T’s as they were simply following your order to rush you.

Many times in this case the offendant would receive a longer CTBan for performing such an act however I noticed that you were relatively new to the server and that your intent was not 100% malicious and made the decision to issue you a shorter ban and advise that you read the rules for the server ( to avoid future offenses.

Therefore I am making the decision to deny your appeal as I feel waiting out 3 days for your offence is deserved if not already lenient, and that you should take this time to brush up on the rules

Closed as per grape

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