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Entering the gun room after exiting, at any point in the game, as CT is camping
Simple story. 

I exit gun room as CT at the start of the round. I watch the vent room when cells open with my awp, and watch them go to cage. We have a small CT team this round. I think, "I should get a m4 in case they want to rush me, as having an awp would get me killed." I go into gun room, see Taliyah there as a T, and shoot him. Easy enough. Then i get my m4 along with a slay. I'm confused. I ask him, "Why slay?" He says, camping isn't allowed. I tell him i just entered the room and shot him straight away, I wasn't camping or anything. He's mad, and respawns me, as T, and then slays me again. I'm laughing at this point. Is a mod actually this mad just because I killed him? Next map goes up and we're talking, he I ask him if entering the gun room is against the rules as CT, he surprisingly says yes. I tell a different mod the story. Says you don't need a new gun 20 seconds into the round.. Can't argue with that logic. I say "I'm sorry I wanted a different gun, I didn't know that was against the rules, slay away." Says that's a common excuse for campers and that if I do it again i'll be in trouble. Tell him that's what bad admins say (yeah its a bad come back idc), and leave. 

Is Taliyah known for this kind of behaviour? I'm still surprised at how he responded. 

Anyone that truly thinks I'm a CT camper scum that should be strung up on the cross, elaborate and explain how I am not allowed in the gun room. Whether I was truly going for a new gun, or had the intention to camp, I had just opened the door and saw Taliyah there.
Jar K, I was the second admin who explained the situation to you.
The problem with your story however is you omitted the fact that you had a history of cam,ping gunroom and vents on the map in question and it got to the point were I tasked Taliyah Specifically to watch for gunroom/vent campers in spectator and to deal with them specifically. We as a staff team had given Multiple warnings both verbally over mic and through GAC chat to warn the CT's to not put themselves in situations in which either gunroom or vents were being camped to avoid any confusion.
In your own discussion to me about your side of the story you explained that "I went into gunroom after 20 seconds for a new gun" However this is not a valid excuse as is your prerogative  as a CT to appropriately choose your weapon for the round and leave gunroom within a reasonable amount of time as to not be caught in gunroom by the time Rebellers are entering through vents. 
As was explained by Onionz in another post: 
(12-01-2019, 10:52 AM)ONIONZZZ Wrote: So, this has been asked quite a few times on here. But I'll explain it again anyway,

Camping gun room means you are in the gun room well past the time of getting ready for the round. E.g if cells are open, and you go back to gun room, and you loiter / change weapon and spend unnecessary time in there, then you are classed as gunroom camping.

Vent camping is where you either camp the entrance / exit to the vents, or keep a vent within your fov waiting for Ts to enter / exit it. For example, sitting in the medic on blackops waiting for Ts to exit the vent. This also means if you are away from Ts and in sight / in the vicinity of the vent, you are classed as vent camping. Long story short, if a T exits the vent and has no reason to expect you to be there (if the vent is closed) you are vent camping.

These rules are in place to give Ts are more fair and reasonable chance at rebelling each round.

To answer your last question, to stop Ts from going to gunroom would be to control them. This means making sure they have no opportunity to enter a vent. A good warden / a good CT team can control a round.

ALSO, if you clear vents (this means going in AFTER a T and killing all Ts in the vent) and spending extra time in the vent / the exit, you are camping. As soon as you clear vents, go back to watching the non-rebelling Ts or hunting rebellers that have exited the vent.

You should not be waiting to catch Ts at the end of a vent or gunroom, that's pretty much it.
This slay was valid and the staff team gave you many chances to understand why you were slain.

Also as a side note the confusion about you being respawn and slain again was just miscommunication within the admin team as you were slain for camping vents as you should have, Then I asked for you to be swapped to T just as another staff member was doing a routine respawn for T's who died prematurely in cells thus respawning you too. 
I then personally Slayed you again as your punishment was still outstanding and you were to sit out a round.

I hope this clears things up.
I'm sorry, i had a history of camping on that map? That was the first round i joined CT? Dud mods i say. I don't remember any warnings to me directly either. One CT was said to be camping by other CT's, and he got CT banned. You never gave general warnings to every CT.

In the end, don't you think you should put Onionz comment in the rules? I checked the rules after the slay, says no camping. No other details. If the rules aren't showing the actual real rules, i'm obviously not going to be able to follow them mate.
The rules say no camping. And you camped, also, I would put it down to a dud player rather than a dud mod.. :zipped:
(13-01-2019, 10:46 PM)ONIONZZZ Wrote: The rules say no camping. And you camped, also, I would put it down to a dud player rather than a dud mod.. :zipped:

Dud rules i guess
I mean he has falsely banned me for a so called ct smoke

So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you considered that a fair reason to enter armoury, all ct's that do camp armoury could just say "I was getting a different gun". It was a fair slay. Cop it for one round then you are back in.
Nigger the last post was 3 months ago...

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