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Cringes unban request
Hey'a guys cringe her I was playing well went to go play jb to pratice bhop when I got home from work on the 11th and I jumped on for one round went to rebel bhopped away and got banned, check the forums and it was perm ban from console so I presume it was my bhops that got me banned but I dont use scripts or anything and i'm heaps bummed because I love playing on the server and quite enjoy it and it ruined my night and I was wondering if I can get unbanned I know requesting a perm unban is odd and properly a ban that wont be lifted but I don't think I was banned for any good reason like what use would I get out of using assistance on csgo let alone on the only server and reason I play csgo, please consider unbanning me guys  :C EDIT: Name/Steam ID: Cringe

Sourcebans/ctban: None it was console so I dont know what to put here 

Which Server (e.g JB1): jb server 1

Reason for the ban: console 

Banning admin: console

Why should you be unbanned: because I didn't do anything to be banned i was just trying to get away so I went to go bhop away we where on Asalka and where sent to toxic barrels near medic so whilst we where there I was prehopping around the barrels and when ct warden gave orders to move outside I did two hops towards the roller door and then went right into a room with some dead guy still carry on my hops from the two toward roller and then as I enter the room I see its a dead end other then right so I swing right and hop towards the dead npc thing for map desgin and as I land from my hops I get banned < edit also just feel as if I needed to put the scene in there whether it helps I donno
Hey Cringe,

Your unban request has been denied. Our autoban system picked you up for using injected bhop hacks. According to the evidence, the autoban provided, shows that you reached 92.6% perf and 356.1 velocity. This is impossible to achieve using legit bhop methods (scroll wheel/keyboard). 

You may reapply in a month.


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