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Spooky CT Unban
Name/Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:2976847 
Which Server: JB1
Reason for the ban: "dud, tricked Ts and killed 90%"
Banning admin: Taliyah
Why should you be unbanned: 
Slightly unfair from what I believe from the admins that were on, what I did was a dog move, but technically the game does not require a demo, I just tricked the server and killed more then 10, so therefore a slay should of been sufficient in my opinion. 

Stated that the T's to stand on green, and pushed a different colour on the colour game, but as I pushed the new colour I told the T's I had changed the colour but they were all shouting over me (including a couple staff members) so it went unheard which is partially my fault but their fault for shouting so much. Truthfully I didn't mean anything of such harsh nature to come from it so I do apologize for the inconvenience

In short, server was rolled back, I was slayed and everyone continued to play the round as per usual, with me as a spectator. (Was going to continue to slay myself the next round due to the nature of the incident
+1 pls unban
+1 #FreeSpooky
HI Spooky Killa.

Thanks for taking the time to make this un ban request.
In future. I wouldn't trick 90% of the Ts by changing colors during a demo(you did explicitly say it was a demo) with 1 second mic delay(T's off mic order would have been nice and we would have done our best to deal with it), instead give ample time and restate orders. By not doing this, the chances of killing the entire T team increase tenfold.

You are correct that more than 10 get's a slay however you killed way over this hence the dud ban.

I'm not going to un ban but I will however reduce to 24 hours.

Appeal accepted.

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