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after death
First off let me start by saying i'm sorta new to jailbreak but i have got 155 hours on this account and maybe 100 on my old account so i sorta know what i'm talking about but i would like to talk to other jb players and see how they feel on this idea

this is my idea i'm open to constructive criticism on this idea  

get a system like redie(or something like that) because rounds are super long on domination jb and i think adding a way for dead people to practice jumps and stuff so when you guy you go invisible and can practice jumps without being noticed or interfering with the alive players  i will call this ghost mode for the rest of this post

problems i can see with ghost mode 

1 dead people would have no way to get from room to room if there is a door in the way 
2 may cause server lag (i have never owned a server so i don't know about this one)

ways to solve these problems

i have a couple of ideas on how to fix problem 1 

1 put the dead players in a different jail like have the same jail on the map twice one for the alive players and when they die they get teleported to the dead people jail so they don't interfere with alive players
2 have two modes of ghost mode normal walking around invisible mode and no clip invisible mode and when you die you can switch between them that way you can navigate the map and practice jumps and games
3 allow dead players in "ghost mode" to walk through doors

thats my idea thank you for reading
im sorry for mentioning the forbidden server but kzg has a cool system where if u die u turn into an angel and no one else can see u so u can just jump around and do whatever u want.
preb lord
This has been posted before, I made a system months and months ago called !ghost which is the same as redie but fixes the bugs that comes with it. Redie allows you to block buttons, mess with physics objects like soccer balls and doors and your footsteps make noise.

However the ghost system would cause server crashes.

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