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Champ Kind
Name/Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:14047029

Sourcebans/ctban: CTBAN

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: Smoking Ct and then Swapping ( I am not sure what the "Then swapping" is relevant?) 

Banning admin: Gracis

Why should you be unbanned: To whom it may concern. I've been CT banned for 3 days and I wish to rectify it for 2 reasons in which I will describe below. 

Let me set the scene, it started several hours earlier to the forementioned incident. It's 3 minutes into an intense game of Dota, I am playing Monkey King, Hamy is playing Posi 5 Skywraith. Hamy starts taking my last hits, this isn't great, so I confront Hamy about this, Hamy proceeds to troll me about this and I get tilted so I abandoned the game because ain't no body got time for this kind of nonsense. 

Fast forward several hours, the boys are all having a game of Jailbreak, 1 am in the morning, things are laxed, we are all having a great time, including Jbreakfast. Hamy decides to be a CT because Jbreakfast wasn't doing a good job. I see this as a chance to exact my revenge on the creep stealing Hamy. I swap to CT and say to Hamy, I am going to smoke, Hamy proceeds to reply "Haha fine, do it." To which I then smoked him upon his request. 

Now, I would like to refer to you a clause in an assault charge. If someone punches you but at some point in the altercation you stated to the perpetrator "Go on then, hit me", you are unable to charge that person for assault. As forementioned, Hamy asked me to smoke him, Hamy also mentioned to Groocias that he did not wish for actions to be taken upon myself. 

Now the 2 reason I believe I should be unbanned;

1: My intentions were to get back at the creep stealing hamy, instead I am now further at the disadvantage to him and he furthermore has a 1 up, if you know Hamy, this isn't a nice feeling. 

2: Every since I made a complaint about Gracias a month ago, he has taken great pride in making my time on the servers difficult, making several dubious decisions that I am yet to collate enough evidence to bring forth the 3rd complaint. I believe that Grucioas gets a stiffy from making my life difficult and I do not wish for grauciouas to have a stiff from me. 

Thank you for you're consideration,
Smoking a ct is for a active massy not revenge.
[Image: srjaYLA.png]
As someone who has experienced, and continued to experience, the level of tilt that Hamy throws out, I can vouche for Champ on his claim. This 100% sounds like something he (Hamy) would do.

I will be happy to provide several assertations of scenarios we have had with Hamy (however, I don't think this websites database is large enough to store the number of stories we can provide).
(10-01-2019, 12:53 AM)Hyphen Wrote: Denied
Smoking a ct is for a active massy not revenge.

As punishment for denying this Hyphen, you're invited to the next Dota game xoxoxo
Look, the server was pretty dead it was around 1 am as mentioned in the post, when it happened I sent a message in admin chat directed at Gragics, stating that I did not want to press charges.
I'd like you to take my wishes into consideration and unban Champ.

With Love,
Hamy Hitdat2times, bby

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