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CT Ban/Warday
Name/Steam ID: Semtex
Sourcebans/ctban: CTBan
Which Server (e.g JB1):  JB1
Reason for the ban: War Day
Banning admin:  Taliyah
Why should you be unbanned: Its been 3 weeks and 2 days, and i am sorry for doing the war day, i have learnt my lesson, and it wont happen again, im also sorry for how i reacted afterwards and know realise how selfish and stupid it was of me. And im not just trying to suck up, im being truthful
Hi Semtex.

Just want to mention that you only have 5 days left until you've fully served your 1 month CT ban.

I denied the first appeal because you threw a fit and showed no remorse. I can see that you regret that and you legitimately want to play on CT and be unbanned. However this WOULD BE your SECOND UNBAN.

I am willing to accept the request on two conditions.

Condition one. There are no more unban requests for a long time. This will be an unspecified amount of time.

Condition two. Your next CT ban WILL be lengthy. You NEED to be very aware of the rules and follow them.

Reply so I know you understand these conditions.
Yea sounds good ill go ahead with those conditions, thanks for a second chance man!

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