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BangBros 2nd Appeal
Name/Steam ID: BangBros 



Reason for the ban: “Exposing map secrets as a CT”

Banning admin: Dildo (Snitch) and IVORK


Thanks for the response. 

Thanks for informing me of the rules but i didn't get a response to the issue of terrible communication with Dildo saying "stay off ct" and nothing about map secrets. The only thing addressed was incident 3. I would like to have a more detailed response and a possible Ban Period downgrade taken into consideration. 

Kind Regards, 


INCIDENT 3: The so called rule isn’t in the rule book which means that it isn’t a rule. Have never heard anything about it since yesterday.

Hi, rule 39 is the one that applies in this case. Ignorance of the rules after 7 ctbans isn't an excuse.


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