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Name/Steam ID: BangBros



Reason for the ban: “Exposing map secrets as a CT”

Banning admin: Dildo (Snitch) and IVORK

Why should you be unbanned:

1. The incidents both occurred at the start of the round meaning it was impossible for anyone to be spectating.

2. I made the mistake of doing it again on a different map because the Instructions and rules were unclear by Dildo only saying “don’t go on ct” and nothing about exposing map secrets only till after I got banned/slayed.

3. The so called rule isn’t in the rule book which means that it isn’t a rule. Have never heard anything about it since yesterday.

4. The incidents that went down didn’t effect any other players playing on the server. eg. Freekill, Massy.

Also been threatened with a Permaban from IVORK isn’t nice either for this and asking for someones name.


+ been banned from discord

For the hours i have on this server im being treated like shit thx
Appealing ban on discord, literally asked for someones irl name
Also got a perma mute and a perma gag - appealing for them too - Bump
Hi, there rules that apply in this situation are:
Quote: 1. Respect others, leave personal attacks out. Any disrespect, racism or discrimination towards other players will entitle you to a mute/kick/ban.
Quote:6. Players that reveal map secrets will be commbanned.
Quote: 15. The more CTBans a player has, the more time they will be banned for on their next offence, up until a server ban.
Quote: 17. CTs must be within clear sight/range of Ts or they will be considered to be camping where Ts are not.
Quote:39. CTs are not allowed to use/activate map secrets at all, even to enter secret rooms or secret areas.

As this is your 8th ctban, you have had quite a few chances to read the rules. Two of these were mass freekilling bans, the last of which you only came off of a little over a week ago. I have consulted with staff not only present but also those involved with previous bans and come to the conclusion the ctban must remain, the commban reduced to 1day(since expired) and you've been unbanned from the discord.

However, do note that attacks / attempts to gain personal information about players aren't tolerated. Just because you've only been asking for a name, doesn't mean it's a small act as obviously it can be used to track down other accounts/ information. Further attempts wil be met with removal from the community irregardless of time on server, donations, or whatever else you think entitles you.

Further breaches from you, or evading the ctban, will lead to severe penalties.


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