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unban request
Name/Steam IDConfusedp0oky_craigy (can you dont) [U:1:430976173]

Sourcebans/ctban: ctban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: "Mass freekill"

Banning admin: Starbuck (kiwi) 

Why should you be unbanned: I made it quite clear that if u wanted to be "massy'd" come of the bubbler and onto the bullet sprays. As a result 4 out of the 5 T's came out onto the bullet sprays (I did this as we had just rtv'd and wanted to get to the new map but was willing to do a proper round if no one came out) I then did a "Mass freekill" according to the ban. As a result of this "massy" a new player to the game freekilled the guy on the bubbler. Also as a result of this "Mass freekill" "trash" STEAM_1:0:191698071 got banned for encouraging the "massy".


(last round of the map)
vent cell hyphen spray
Hi Craigy.
As provided in the demo you did in fact pull a mass freekill on the last round of Wakka.
To take into context half the team of CTs were egging on for a massy to happen(which they also got CTBanned for). You happened to kill the majority of the Ts whilst the new player killed the last T alive(which he also got CTBanned for as well).

To quote the rules which you should know as you are a veteran player:
13. Freekilling or mass-freekilling will result in a CTBan. This includes freekilling of all forms (shooting props at Ts, spamming game buttons, enabling friendlyfire in an uncontrolled situation etc.) (to be unbanned you will need to wait the period of time or by posting an unban request)

You can not skirt around this rule by lining up all Ts (if they want to or not) to be mass free killed(this isn't a map game). You are absolutely undermining this rule in this situation thus I gave you a mass free kill ban for performing a mass free kill.

The ONLY time this rule doesn't apply is if all Ts fail/die to a map game in a uncontrollable situation.

This unban request will be denied.
After some discussion we're instead turning this around and will accept this unban request.

The reason being is that a choice was given. You and 1 other person are being unbanned. The 3rd person will remain banned as still dud + 2 counts of free killing (first person in cells and the person who should have gotten LR).

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