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Unban Request: pOLICE
Name/Steam ID: pOLICE/STEAM_0:0:459072890
Sourcebans/ctban: Permo ban (Sourceban)
Which Server (e.g JB1): Perm on the server
Reason for the ban: My ban was for going to alt accounts and by being a smartass to my boy hyphen.
Banning admin: Pretty much the Admins and higher
Why should you be unbanned: KZG can get fucked, stupid fucking rules on their server. Want back with my mates that I laughed with. I understand if I don’t get unbanned. I’d like to have a fresh start and apologise for my deeds. At the end of the day, the situation can be repaired and I’d like for that to happen. P.S #freepolice

I love you dildo, plz forgive me
You were banned for multiple reasons including, Ban evading, doxing players and staff and cheating on a now vacced alt.
[Image: srjaYLA.png]


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