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unban req


JB Server 2


Why should I be unbanned:

During the rounds, Kellen and Hyst told me to kill them because Hyst was eating and Kellen was busy. So I killed hyst and Taken started screaming at Dildo and then when I went to kill Kellen I accidentally killed Gran and then when I realised Kellen said in discord so I slayed. Then Dildo banned me and respawned me and slayed right after and said that I freekilled 3 other people. Honestly it was an accident  Angel

kill me im eating
Yeah we were in discord and i gave him my consent. Can confirm.
+1 ok this is epic
This is true
Hi Maeneko,

This ban has nothing to do with you killing your friends with their permission (which I still wouldn't recommend.) I was called onto the server as there was concerns of a dud warden. In the 2 rounds I spectated you, you randomly killed 3 people in their cells for no reason who definitely weren't afk nor were they friends asking for it as they all asked for a res in admin chat.

Factoring this all in we have decided to deny your unban request at this stage.


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