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Unban Appeal
Name/Steam ID:   Today/STEAM_0:1:456541536

Sourcebans/ctban: Sourceban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: I'm not 100% sure why I was banned, however I assume it was because I was using a bunnyhop script and was therefore automatically banned from the server

Banning admin: Console?

Why should you be unbanned: I didn't think that bhop scripts were against the rules when I used them but in hindsight I realise that i'm really stupid because any kind of scripts should be against the rules. I heavily regret my choice of using a bhop script and I'm obviously not going to use one anymore. I only used them for a few hours until I was banned and I would like to just be given a second chance. I will not be using any scripts of any kind and want only to play some jailbreak on cs.

P.S I apologize if my color choice caused any inconvenience, I thought it looked nice.
You were banned automatically by our system as you have identified you were banned for bunnyhop cheats.
As you were willing to fess up we will reduce your ban to one month from the ban date however any further use of cheats of any kind will result in another permanent ban with no hope of being unbanned. Please thoroughly read through our rules here:

Ban evading during this period will also result in an un-appealable perm ban.

Note: i required two pairs of prescription glasses after reading this post.

And FYI.. If you download something, and use it on the server, then it's probably against the rules.. Let alone the games terms of service.  :rolleyes:

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