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Players Union Incident Report - Police
Players Union Incident Report - Police

This video is a result of a fact finding mission conducted by the Players Union.
This video does not have all the details of the incident, and makes inaccurate assumptions based on half truths and exaggerations.
We would like to protect the privacy of players and staff alike, therefore we will not be correcting this inaccurate information for you.

Thank you
The above post is admin lies and propaganda posted by an admin agent, only the PU has 5 years of truth telling history.
Raymond you beautiful bastard. such effort
I would like to take this moment and say pinapples are good on pizza.
who puts pineapple on a fucking pizza
vent cell hyphen spray
quaddeh would like to join the PU. Raymond please respond.
Sauce belongs in the fridge
(07-01-2019, 06:51 AM)IVORK Wrote: Sauce belongs in the fridge

That's not the ivork I know ?

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